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Meet Terry Frederick


With over 35 years of dedicated service in the legal field, my professional journey has upheld the principles of justice, ensured public safety, and helped to give people an understanding of the law.

Joining the Marines to serve my country, was always a dream of mine, especially coming from a veteran military family who always taught me to believe in honor and respect. As I was in the process of joining, both my parents became very ill and needed my constant help and care. While many members of my family were active military, I volunteered to put my dreams on hold and take care of my parents. When my sister was in the position to take over their care, I moved to Arizona for the warmer climate, year-round outdoor sports and to become a Pima County Deputy Sheriff to serve & protect my new community. As a Pima County Deputy Sheriff, I was involved in patrols, investigations and responding to 911 emergency calls. I participated in tracking down and raiding drug stash houses making neighborhoods safer for residents & families. I received commendations for accurately and honestly reporting these raids, always following the law.

After moving over to the private sector, I opened up a private investigation agency to help people and to demonstrate that justice under the law is there for everyone. Pima County has the family feel and the traditions of different cultures, all living and working together creating an area I love.

From investigations to courtroom proceedings, I've been steadfast in upholding the rule of law. This dual perspective has not only enriched my understanding of the legal system but has also allowed me to bridge the gap between public service and private enterprise, following a comprehensive approach to legal challenges and a commitment to justice for all.